De illustrium foeminarum title page

A treatise on famous female rulers

By Sandra Toffolo While descriptions of illustrious men were a well-known literary topos throughout Antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the early modern period, the following book treats a different theme: illustrious women. The book in question is entitled De illustrium foeminarum in republica administranda, ac ferendis legibus authoritate libellus (‘Book about the right of illustrious … Read more

Les angoisses et remeds d’amours binding

Valentine’s Day from Vassar

By Jamie Cumby Today, Preserving the World’s Rarest Books invites you to be our Valentine for a discussion of Jean Bouchet’s Les angoisses et remeds d’amours (the agonies and remedies of love).  This collection of romance poems first appeared in Paris in 1501 (USTC 94750), followed by Bouchet’s authorized version in Poitiers in 1536 (USTC … Read more

National Library of the Netherlands, exterior

National Library of The Netherlands

The Koninklijke Bibliotheek, since 1982 the National Library of the Netherlands, is based in The Hague. As a National Library the KB coordinates the Dutch library world according to the following mission: “Driven by the power of the written word we further intellectual development, proficiency and creativity in the Netherlands. To this end, we seek … Read more

Library Stacks at the University of Toronto

University of Toronto, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies

The Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies (CRRS) was established at the University of Toronto in 1964 by Professor F. David Hoeniger and has, over more than 50 years, developed into a prestigious research institute dedicated to the study of the early modern period. They maintain a substantial library and rare book collection, with a … Read more

DePaul University Library, Chicago

DePaul University Special Collections and Archives

DePaul University is the largest Catholic University in the United States. It was founded in 1898 by the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentian order). Vincentians are devoted to the teachings of St. Vincent De Paul, which influence the university’s mission and philosophy today. DePaul Special Collections and Archives (SPCA) is located in the John T. … Read more

Psalter Preface

A New Edition by Martin Luther

By Drew Thomas   One reason often credited for the quick spread of Martin Luther’s Protestant Reformation was his embrace of writing in the German vernacular. In 1522 Luther published his German translation of the New Testament, one of his greatest accomplishments. Although writing in German was central to his movement, many of Luther’s works … Read more

National Library of Argentina, Buenos Aires

The National Library of Argentina

The National Library of the Argentine Republic was founded by Mariano Moreno on 13 September 1810. It is responsible for safeguarding, increasing, preserving, recording and disseminating the printed memory of the country or about the country, represented on any material or digital medium, with priority as regards to its cultural heritage, in the territory of … Read more