Library in Albi

Médiathèque Pierre-Amalric d’Albi

The cultural heritage collections of the Médiathèque Pierre-Amalric d’Albi in southern France are made up of around 75,000 documents, whose diverse themes reflect the origins of the collections. This collection is constituted of about 500 manuscripts from the 8th to 20th centuries, 119 incunables, and 17,000 documents printed between 1501 and 1811, as well as … Read more

Amsterdam edition of Biblia, dat is, de gantsche H Schrifture

To the Victor the Spoils

By Andrew Pettegree | Throughout the history of print, the Bible was a perennial favourite of the industry.  This was the text with which Gutenberg chose to announce his great invention, and for centuries thereafter Bibles, New Testaments and psalm books formed the cornerstone of the collections of those who could afford books; and if … Read more

Anthony Scoloker's colophon.

The Year of the Book in Ipswich

By James McCall | In 1548, during the reign of Edward VI, two printers established printing presses in the Suffolk port of Ipswich. By the end of the year, and after producing at least 19 books, both men had ceased printing in the town. What had driven these men to set up presses in Ipswich … Read more