(CRRS), BR375.S26 1586

That Romish Fable Framer: Nicholas Sander’s Schismatis Anglicani

By Chelsea Reutcke | In an historical parallel to Game of Thrones, a book printed in 1585 claimed that Elizabeth I of England was the child of an ‘incestuous marriage’ as her mother, Anne Boleyn, was in fact the daughter of Henry VIII (and the king knew it). The book in question, Nicholas Sander’s De … Read more


University College London

University College London (UCL) was founded in 1826 as the University of London. It was established to open up education in England to students of any race or religion for the first time. The university library dates from 1829, and was reliant on benefactions for much of the nineteenth century. Several of the most important … Read more

Desiderius Erasmus, Scarabevs, Leuven: Theodoricvs Martinvs, 1517.

Looking for Digitized Works by Erasmus and his Contemporaries? Go to Lovaniensia.be

By Dr An Smets | In 2017 KU Leuven Libraries and the Bibliothèques de UCLouvain launched Lovaniensia.be, with financial support in the context of the cultural cooperation agreement between the Flemish and the French community. With this platform, both institutions wanted to make available material from the old academic collection, or Collectio academica antiqua (Caa). … Read more


USTC Hosts Twelfth Annual Book History Conference

By Arthur der Weduwen | Between Thursday 20 and Saturday 22 June, the USTC team hosted the twelfth annual St Andrews book history conference. Fifty-four scholars and students joined us for twenty-four papers on the subject of Crisis or Enlightenment? Developments in the Book Trade, 1650-1750. The conference attracted visitors from sixteen countries, from Colombia … Read more