Bibliothèque Méjanes, Aix-en-Provence

Bibliothèque Méjanes, Aix-en-Provence

Upon his death on October 5, 1786 Jean-Baptiste Marie de Piquet, Marquis de Méjanes, bequeathed a precious collection of nearly 60,000 books to the states of Provence, of which the capital was Aix-en-Provence, with the condition that they be made available to the public. In 1810, the library, established in the town hall, opened to […]

Jena Library

Thuringian University and Regional Library, Jena

The Thuringian University and Regional Library in Jena was founded in 1549. On 22 August of that year, the three sons of the former German Elector Johann Friedrich, who were residing in neighboring Weimar, sent their father’s Electoral library to Jena for housing in the dissolved Dominican monastery of St Paul.  The library was under […]

KU Leuven Maurits Sabbe

Maurits Sabbe Library, Leuven

The Maurits Sabbe Library is a first-class, internationally renowned library in the domain of theology and religious studies. Besides its extensive research collection, it represents a heritage of preservation, bringing to life multiple academic disciplines. Since its foundation in 1969, the Maurits Sabbe Library has always had a special mission for preserving the printed religious […]

German Historical Museum

German Historical Museum

The German Historical Museum is one of the most important and most visited museums in Berlin, located on the famous Unter den Linden boulevard. The library has a vibrant history as a part of three different institutions. The first library was founded in 1800 as a library of the Royal Armory. It possessed approximately 20,000 […]

Vassar College

Vassar College, New York

Vassar College is a private, liberal arts college in Poughkeepsie, New York.  The school was founded in 1861 by Matthew Vassar as the first degree-granting institution of higher learning for women in the United States.   Long one of the “Seven Sisters,” a group of elite colleges for women, Vassar became co-educational in 1969.  From its […]

Tresoar stacks

The Tresoar, Leeuwarden

The Tresoar is the central holding institution of books and archives of the province of Friesland, situated in the north of the Netherlands. The province of Friesland has its own cultural identity, shaped especially by the Frisian language, which is spoken alongside Dutch by the people of Friesland. The Tresoar is also a historical and […]

Trent civic library

Trent Civic Library

The first years of the nineteenth century represented a crucial moment for Trent civic library. The secularisation of the episcopal principality in 1803, and the alternation of Austrian, French and Bavarian governments during the following decade, drew attention to the fact that, at that time, many books lacked an owner and were piled inside the […]

National Library of Latvia

The National Library of Latvia

The National Library of Latvia (NLL) was founded on 29 August 1919, less than a year after Latvia’s declaration of independence. The NLL is a public universal academic library that serves the intellectual development of the entire nation. It compiles and maintains the national literature collection – all printed matter relating to Latvia, as well […]

Peterhouse, Cambridge

Peterhouse Library, Cambridge

The libraries at Peterhouse, Cambridge, hold significant collections of western medieval manuscripts, early modern music, and scholarly and literary papers from the seventeenth century onwards. Printed books include 76 incunables and almost two thousand titles from the sixteenth century. Many of these retain their original bindings, including several examples of the work of Cambridge bookbinders […]

Oslo Cathedral School

Christiania Cathedral School Library, Oslo

The Library of the Cathedral School of Oslo, formerly Christiania, is the oldest library in Norway, established in 1663. The school itself dates to the middle of the 12th century, but a series of devastating fires during the 16th and 17th centuries have left the library without a trace of any earlier holdings. The library […]