Rare Notes on a Bestseller

By Hanna de Lange | Today, visitors from all over the globe know their way to Cambridge and all the sites to see there. These landmarks include Magdalene College’s Old Library and Pepys Library, both of which are PWRB partners. But how did early modern Europeans learn about Britain’s unique treasures and rich history? The … Read more

William Dowsing: Breaker of Idols and Marker of Books

By Nora Epstein | The entry in the Acts of the Privy Council of England for 1 October 1551 granted Dutch-born printer Reynolde Wolfe license to sell ‘…the booke lately by hym enprinted and set owt by the Archebysshop of Cauntorbury against Doctour Gardiner’s booke.’ The characteristically long title of the book licensed in this … Read more