The National Library of Argentina

The National Library of the Argentine Republic was founded by Mariano Moreno on 13 September 1810.

It is responsible for safeguarding, increasing, preserving, recording and disseminating the printed memory of the country or about the country, represented on any material or digital medium, with priority as regards to its cultural heritage, in the territory of the country and as well, if possible, abroad.

The main goals are:

  • To protect, enhance, preserve, record and disseminate the printed memory of the country or about the country, represented in any medium, with the priority on its cultural heritage, linking it with universal culture and summoning the scholars of the country to look up its legacy in order to keep alive the link between different generations.
  • Constitute the National Bibliographic Centre.
  • Monitor legal deposit in order to elaborate and disseminate information about national bibliographic production.
  • Select, collect, record, preserve and conserve its documentary and bibliographic collections.
  • Develop processes and guidelines as rules of national librarianship.
  • Provide a public search service, both onsite and remote.
  • Train and develop human resources in library science and related disciplines.
  • Promote research through access to documents and specialized information services.
  • Conduct, coordinate and promote research and development programs in its areas of competence.
  • Develop programs to promote reading.
  • Develop cooperation programs with other libraries and other cultural and scientific institutions.

The Biblioteca Nacional Mariano Moreno is located just a few blocks from the city center in one of the most beautiful residential neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.



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