The Royal Dutch Institute in Rome (KNIR)

The Royal Dutch Institute in Rome (KNIR) is a Campus of Excellence in the Humanities of Dutch universities in the historical and cultural heart of Europe.

The KNIR, which is the oldest and largest of the Dutch Scientific Institutes Abroad (NWIB) acts as a liaison between the Dutch universities and the academic world in Italy and has been known for its quality research and interdisciplinary education in the humanities for over a hundred years. It organizes courses for students of all levels of education and provides scholarships and accommodation in Rome to its top level students and scholars of various disciplines.

The mission of the KNIR as a scientific gateway to the Eternal City is supported by the unique library collection. This tight-knit collection of c. 40,000 items includes over 1500 rare books, mainly dating from the 17th and 18th century. In addition, it houses unique archaeological and art historical photographs, maps, prints, and postcards. pamphlets.

The focus of both the modern and special collections is the archaeology, history and art history of Rome and of Italy. Since the founding of the institute, one of the key highlights of the collection has been Papal history, with particular emphasis on the relations between the Vatican and the Netherlands. Special attention is also given to areas in which the institute has participated in excavations, for example Pompeii, the Appian Way, the Testaccio area of Rome and protohistoric Latium.

Recently the modern collection has been expanded to include more interdisciplinary works as well as new sections dedicated to Cultural Heritage studies and Museology.

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